Graduate Law Students Annual Conference


The graduate students of McGill’s Faculty of Law are pleased to announce their annual graduate law conference. We invite fellow graduate students to submit abstracts for presentation at the conference, and join us for a memorable and stimulating occasion.

Situated in historic, innovative Montreal, McGill’s Faculty of Law is home to leading research institutes and centres, and some of law’s brightest scholars. Conference participants will have the opportunity to share in McGill’s rich intellectual community and longstanding tradition of fostering creative and original thinking – all the while within the dynamic and captivating environment of Canada’s culture capital.

This year’s conference, “Emerging Scholars, Emerging Scholarship”
reflects the notion of graduate students as emerging scholars-the next generation of legal minds. It serves as a coming-together of tomorrow’s academics, and offers an opportunity to collectively reflect on the place our cohort will occupy, both in the academic community, and the world at large.

Framing our work as emerging scholarship translates into thinking of it as a new contribution of knowledge and perspective, unique to our place in history. Seen in this way, our ability (and perhaps responsibility) to shape the future agenda of legal scholarship is highlighted. As such, this conference is intended as an opportunity to engage with those ideas that matter most to our generation of graduate students in law, and converse today with those who will shape tomorrow’s conversations.

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